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Tune in for an exclusive Behind the Scenes look at Digital Twin 

Dec 2, 2021 | 1 PM EDT / 10 AM PDT 

An in-depth discussion with experienced 3DEXPERIENCE Robotics and Factory flow Simulation users on how to implement a Digital Twin to deliver projects up to 50% faster.


Digital Twin is a strategic initiative designed to provide the necessary tools to accelerate your projects in each phase by leveraging simulation, process flow mapping, and process validation in space and time.  


In the hour-long chat with experienced robotics programmers, simulation specialists, and designers we will explore the most popular automation habits that impact your ability to deliver more projects faster.  Topics include: 


  • Challenges you can expect to see when adding simulation capabilities with new tools 

  • The impact of using efficient technology to help productivity 

  • The process of quoting, bidding, winning, and delivering automation jobs faster with the Digital Twin 

  • How the digital twin is much larger than just 3D CAD and robot simulation

  • If you’re already using simulation using Robo Guide, Robot Sim, or any other tool, how to level up your abilities to deliver projects up to 50% faster

  • How the Digital Twin can make you more marketable to customers

Meet Our Panelists

Luciano Mancini.JPG


Luciano brings over 10 years’ experience working with Robot Simulation and programming in welding applications through his valuable work at Centerline Limited. Now part of the DELMIA 3DEXPERIENCE team, Luciano applies his knowledge to help teams implement Digital Twins to serve their customers better. 



Zain’s exposure as a consultant providing on-the-job mentoring, and leading robot simulation initiatives brings an exclusive look into how to take your existing simulation technology to the next level such that your simulation, design, projects, and shop-floor teams are collaborating seamlessly. 

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