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Used by integrators and manufacturers to validate plant layout, operations, and offline programming

Explore how integrators save time by using 3DEXPERIENCE Digital Manufacturing Solutions.

Orange Juice Factory

Ortems works with any ERP & MRP System

Constraint-based Collaborative Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) tools allow stakeholders, viewers, schedulers, and planners from all over the plant to reduce delays and improve on-time delivery performance by accounting for realistic constraints such as materials availability, inventory, equipment downtime, and personnel. 

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Manufacturing Planner 

Plan job and resource allocation easily with Ortems Master Planning.

Identify resource and production-related constraints to develop a master plan over short, mid and long-term horizons for complex production runs or long cycle times to be ahead of your planned deliveries.  


  • Anticipate & control load fluctuation and load-levelling 

  • Contingency planning to minimize production disruptions 

  • Reduce Inventory & cycle time

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Synchronized Requirements Planning

Synchronize resource capacity and material flow to coordinate Work Orders on multi-level BOMs, forecast kitting, and establish traceability of inventory to enable Just-in-Time manufacturing. 

  • Multi-level BOM sync 

  • Finite-Capacity requirements 

  • Sync materials and Work Orders

  • Reduce buffer inventory 

Production Scheduling

Detailed Production Scheduling with Realistic Constraints.

Respond to shop-floor-level events such as breakdowns, stoppages, and surges in demand and quickly re-allocate jobs using powerful what-if scenarios and Ortems APS optimization engine so reduce rescheduling time and ensure on-time delivery. 


  • Integrates with your ERP system with Connectors 

  • Decrease cycle time 

  • Simple & intuitive user interface 


Aventec can help you identify the best implementation path by providing a custom setup to help your planners, schedulers, and leaders collaborate on scheduling, reporting, and Improving production performance. 

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