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Develop and visualize a complete digital mock-up of your manufacturing facilities so that by the time you are ready to implement your plans, you already know they work.  From developing your MBOM, designing your Plant Layout, analyzing Resource Requirements, programming Robots and Machines, to running full shop floor simulations.  Our digital manufacturing solutions and expertise help our customers transition to Industry 4.0.

Our experts understand the value of building strong digital threads from design to manufacturing right into real-time operations being performed on the shop floor.  We work with our customers to understand the real-life challenges that they face and provide solutions and training necessary to overcome them.


  • Manufacturing Bill of Material (MBOM) development

  • Process Planning

  • Robotics Programming and Simulation

  • NC Machining

  • Additive Manufacturing

  • Plant Layout Design and Optimization

  • Ergonomic Analysis

  • Factory Flow Simulation

  • Work Instructions development

  • Manufacturing Planning

  • Production Planning

  • Synchronized Resource Planning

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