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Outsource FEA, CAD, and Simulation work to our qualified expert

We use industry-leading software, innovative approaches, and wide industry experience to produce high-quality work to help you meet deadlines.

Aventec’s fully certified engineers and consultants have provided the roadmap, custom training, and project consulting to Boeing, Fiat-Chrysler, McDermott Oil, Schlumberger, Lockheed Martin, and many more to be successful with 3DEXPERIENCE and other Dassault Systèmes Solutions.

Specialized Services

FEA Analysis & Past Work 

Springback analysis.gif
  • Cornering Fatigue and Radial Fatigue of an automotive wheel to identify fatigue life and improve wheel longevity 

  • Optimizing composite ply lay-up to improve the stamping performance for automotive interior parts

  • Modeling of a hyperelastic rubber polymer for high-pressure sealing applications

  • Fatigue, creep, and large deformations analysis

  • Explicit Dynamic analyses such as crash and impact  

  • Pinched Flow, CEL and Hydrodynamic Analyses 

  • Design Optimization to reduce part weight, shape, and material

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  • Converting legacy 2D drawings with GD&T into 3D CAD models with Functional Tolerancing & Annotations (FT&A)

  • Converting legacy mylar and paper drawings into 2D and 3D models with appropriate FT&A 

Robotics and Automation

  • Overall cycle-time study of a complete work-cell including conveyors, AGVs, pick & place robots, robotic arc and spot welding, custom equipment kinematics, and human interactions

  • Analysis of automation solutions for increasing throughput in bottling, packaging, and other CPG-R applications


Develop bespoke training and self-paced learning curriculum to enhance process adherence.

Aventec has specialized in developing custom-tailored learning assets that have helped achieve the desired business impact.

Our detailed approach includes: 

  • Initial discovery to identify learning objectives, business impacts, and learner status quo

  • Defining learning path based on experience and comfort level of learners 

  • Conducting deep dives to understand day-to-day challenges of users and the business process

  • Setting development and alpha/beta test schedules 

  • Delivering custom training and evaluate KPIs

  • Revising material as necessary

Computer Office Work

Virtual Instructor-Led 

Training & Workshops

Our certified instructors can schedule workshops and full trainings to accommodate your flexible schedules so that you can continue to maintain deadlines.

Working Silhouettes

Mentoring & Coaching

Fully certified consultants and engineers can guide you to develop best practices and efficient workflows so that you can finish work faster and never miss a deadline. Ask about our On-the-Job Mentoring services for CAD designers, FEA analysts, and continuous improvement managers.

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