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Wind Turbines

Digital Twins Save Millions on Energy Projects

Reduce project risk with realistic virtual mockups and validation of assembly and construction scenarios in nuclear, oil and gas, clean energy, and mining projects. 

On Time and On Budget Projects .png

On-Time and On-Budget Projects

Eliminate silos of information from disconnected legacy systems and achieve full traceability of work packages in one system that can track it from initial request to commissioned solutions and after-market services.

validate processes and onboard customers

Validate Processes and Onboard Customers with 3D Authoring 

Use your 3D CAD models to capture accurate equipment and machine cycle times, construction plans and identify issues early to reduce on-site rework. Create dynamic and visually relevant assembly instructions to onboard manufacturing and customer teams. 

Robust CAD for Large Assemblies.png

Robust Cloud-based CAD for Large Assemblies

Managing large assemblies with over 1000 small and large parts is easier with robust part, assembly design, and functional tool design in CATIA. Available on cloud with 3DEXPERIENCE.


Validate Design Changes With SIMULIA

Use multiscale and multi-physics simulations with SIMULIA 3DEXPERIENCE to iterate multiple potential solutions and only commission the best ones.  

Learn more about SIMULIA.

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