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Cornering Fatigue-Static (002).gif
Material Calibration.png

Cornering fatigue simulation of an aluminum wheel rim

Nonlinear hyperelastic material calibration using Isight and Abaqus

Visualize your product performance with solutions in stress analysis, structural and design optimization, fluid dynamics, as well as fatigue and durability. With Expertise in multiple industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial Equipment, Oil & Gas, Marine & Offshore, our experts can help you leverage the power of simulation tools to solve the most complex of your engineering challenges.

We offer physics based consulting services using cutting edge FEA and CFD solvers, along with material modeling, and optimization. Our R&D experience combined with years of engineering expertise is a great asset to our clients. You will have access to expert consultants than will join your team in solving your challenges from start to finish.


  • Nonlinear FEA

  • CFD

  • Nonlinear Dynamic Explicit

  • Thermal and Coupled Thermal-Stress Analysis

  • Fatigue and Durability Analysis

  • Nonparametric Optimization Including Topology, Shape, Size, and Bead Optimization

  • R&D

  • Testing and Data Correlation

  • Reliability Assessment

  • Fracture Mechanics and Failure Analysis

  • Composites Modeling

  • Hyper-elastic Materials and Rubber Modeling

  • Design of Experiment and Parametric Optimization

  • Plug-in Development

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