Industrial Equipment


  • Single-function machines are being replaced by “all-in-one” equipment that covers the entire production process.

  • Customers want products that are customized to their specific needs, but don’t want to pay more for it.

  • Having to comply with international and local regulations during equipment development.  Components can vary from one country to another, requiring a large portfolio of parts to be managed to satisfy requirements.

  • Equipment Manufacturers need to expand their service offerings by incorporating services into their business portfolio.



  • Manufacturers need to purpose smarter and more flexible machines than their competitors.

  • Employ smart manufacturing to adapt to personalized customer requirements and manage multiple product variants while remaining cost effective.

  • Adopting a risk-based approach to compliance tailored to unique method of operation, risk portfolio, country of operation, and products sold.

  • Utilize new technologies that enables manufacturers to transition from a design-to-cost model to a design-to-service model.  OEMs can quickly diagnose machine issues and implement a robust spare parts management process that ensures maximum equipment efficiency.


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