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Digitize Manufacturing & Automation Solutions to Validate Performance with Simulations

Aventec has been the leading Dassault Systèmes partner to implement efficient robotics and automation solutions to integrators, process engineers, and automation consultants.


Produce and Teach Robotic Applications efficiently with Digital Equipment Continuity 

Import CAD from Solidworks, CATIA, or any other CAD source to quickly prototype 3-dimensional plant layout variations with over 1500+ robots and custom-defined equipment to define robot behavior with different applications: 

  • How pick-and-place robots will interact with humans in the work cell

  • How spot welding and arc welding robots will complete tasks 

  • How robots will react to sudden stops, interruptions, and  

  • How custom equipment executes full range of motion 

  • Offline Programming reworks and changes  

Robot Offline Programmer.png

Validate Overall Work Cell Performance

Instantiate multiple robots, conveyors, custom tooling, and human interactions to simulate the complete automation solution over multiple iterations to calculate key performance indicators such as overall cycle time, reach studies, time studies, safety zones, and resource idle times. 

Validate Offline Programming and Virtual Commissioning with the Line Builder Industry Portfolio

With the combination of CATIA Control Build and 3DEXPERIENCE Virtual commissioning, validate work-cell responses, train personnel, and test the complete line before authorizing production to reduce expensive reworks and mistakes during final build and delivery. 

Leverage collaboration and simulation on 3DEXPERIENCE On-Cloud

Streamline the digital prototyping workflow by connecting CAD, VR experiences, simulation, offline programming, and plant optimization in one powerful collaboration engine with 3DEXPERIENCE Industry Process Experiences. 

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