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Used by integrators and manufacturers to validate plant layout, operations, and offline programming

Explore how integrators save time by using 3DEXPERIENCE Digital Manufacturing Solutions.


Robotics & Plant Simulation and Offline Programming

Choose from over 1500+ robots with pre-defined kinematics to define and validate new work cells with robots efficiently.

  • Includes Kuka, Fanuc, Motoman, Yaskawa, Nachi, Mitsubishi, and other major robot families

  • Built-In Workflows and PPR contexts to teach robots for Pick & Place, Spot Welding, Arc Welding, and Surface Painting operations

  • Reduce on-the-floor programming time with the Robotics Offline Programmer role

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Custom Equipment Behavior and Kinematics

Import CAD as STEP or IGES from any CAD system and define equipment kinematics for custom tooling, machinery, and end-of-tool effectors to accurately conduct cycle time studies, reach studies, and clash.  


Process Simulation (Line Builder) and Ergonomics 

Validate assembly processes and operations for accurate performance estimates.

  • Conduct discrete event simulations to validate overall workstation cycle time

  • Run multiple iterations of the process to provide accurate and validated cycle time and performance estimates to your customers

  • Anticipate bottlenecks, resource timing, and human-machine interactions to define an ergonomically safe process

Go from CAD to a fully-defined work instructions with DELMIA on 3DEXPERIENCE

Explore how a simple CAD model can be used to create the MBOM, define manufacturing processes, and define work instructions with 3DEXPERIENCE On-Cloud. 

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