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Imagine, Design, and Develop.  Can it really be that easy?  Our engineering design solutions allow our customers to bring their products to life and do so in the context of its real-life behaviour.  Leveraging years of experience in multiple industries, and a large knowledge base of industry best practices and methodologies, our experts can help you reach your goals by providing the necessary tools and support that you need to get your ideas to market. 

We provide consulting services for any stage of a product’s design lifecycle.  Whether a product is just an idea scribbled on a napkin, or well within its design lifecycle, we work with our customers to understand the real-life challenges that they face and provide solutions and training necessary to overcome them.


  • Part Design

  • Assembly Design

  • Surface Design (including Class-A surfaces)

  • Sheet Metal Design

  • Relational Design Methodologies

  • Collaborative Design

  • Drafting

  • Model Based Engineering

  • Design Automation

  • Shape and Stress-Optimized Design

  • Designed for Feasible Manufacturing

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