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Composites Modeling Capabilities of Abaqus

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

By Hicham Farid, PhD

CAE/FEA Engineer at Aventec

Composites occupy a noticeable place in the materials industry. Their characterization during the forming process, as well as during their life cycle in different industrial fields impose an advanced knowledge of their mechanical and thermal behavior.

Different industrial processes are considered in the forming of a composite sheet into a desired shape (blow molding, thermoforming etc.). Generally, the deformation during these processes is very fast while non-uniform and multiaxial occur at temperatures above the glass transition temperature. The modeling of this phenomenon remains delicate and creates several difficulties since it involves contact, large deformations, as well the implementation of nonlinear constitutive laws (hyperelastic, viscoelastic, etc.).

The present work summarizes the capabilities of Abaqus for modeling the thermoforming of composites (short and long fibers). A presentation of the Composite Modeler Plugin shows a robust approach to define different plies, layups, and offsets associated with a long fibers composite model. It also shows the great capability of simulating real time draping and the generated shear stresses. The Micromechanics Plugin offers a great tool for sub scale modeling in order to simulate the fiber-matrix interaction using an FE-RVE (Finite Element model of a Representative Volume Element) approach, and the generation of the homogenized material parameters.

A presentation of material parameters calibration using Isight coupled with Abaqus illustrates how the two tools can be joined together to solve the classical identification problems associated with new materials or non-linear constative laws. Tosca structure Bead optimization capabilities are shown through the optimization based on natural frequencies. Fatigue analysis has been performed using Fe-Safe and shows the fatigue life contours.

Read the full paper:

Composites Modeling Capabilities of Abaqus

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