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How to Install a 3DEXPERIENCE
Debug Kit

What is a 3DEXPERIENCE Debug Kit?

Debug Kits are temporary maintenance components that are delivered to customers to address critical fixes on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.  Debug Kits are created on a case-by-case basis and are only created when a platform issue is impacting critical operations for that customer.

Debug Kits are Fix Pack specific and need to be installed after the related Fix Pack is installed.

Once a new Fix Pack is released, previous Debug Kits need to be removed before upgrading to the newer Fix Pack.


Debug Kit Install Files

Your Dassault VAR will provide you with the debug kit installer files once they have been released.

1. Unzip the *.tar.gz file.

2. Unzip the *.tar file.  This will contain a single win_b64 folder.


Create a New Directory for Debug Kit

1. Locate the install directory for the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on your local machine.

2. Create a new folder for the Debug Kit.  Name the folder similar to the original platform install directory, followed by ‘_DK’, as shown.

3. Inside this new folder, copy over the win_b64 folder you had previously unzipped.


Add Debug Kit to Environment Path (1 of 3)​

1. In the Start menu, locate the 3DEXPERIENCE folder.

2. Right-click the Environment Editor application and ‘Run as administrator’.

3. Click Yes on the prompted message.


Add Debug Kit to Environment Path (2 of 3)


1. Right-click on the Env field, and select New from…

2. Enter Env_DK as the Name.

3. Enable Add a new path to this environment.

4. Copy-paste the path of the new DK folder into the New path field.

5. Select Global for Mode.

6. Click OK to continue.


Add Debug Kit to Environment Path (3 of 3)


1. Note how the new DK directory path has been inserted before all the paths in your list.

2. Close the Environment Editor.


Modify 3DEXPERIENCE Desktop Icon

1. On your Desktop, rename your 3DEXPERIENCE icon appropriately to indicate that a debug kit is included.

2. Right-click the icon and open Properties.

3. Modify the target string in the appropriate location from Env -> Env_DK.

4. Click OK to close the Properties window.

You can now launch the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with the debug kit.


Verify if Debug Kit is Running in Current Session

To verify if Debug Kit is running in the current session:

1. Open the CATTemp folder located at the path shown.

2. Open the most current SessionInfoFile###.txt

3. Locate the List of Variables section in the file and verify that the debug kit directory is listed.

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