DSLS Offline Licensing

1. On the license server, start DSLS License Administration Tool.  Double click on “server name”.

2. Select “Enable offline license extraction” and click OK.

3. Go to Authorizations tab.  Select the license and right mouse click, then select “Control offline”.

4. Set the number of maximum offline extraction and extraction keyword (password). Click OK.

5. From the client start Nodelock Key Management.


Start -> All Programs -> CATIA -> Tools -> Nodelock Key Management (DSLS)

Go to Offline Management and click RefreshList.

6. Select the license, right click and select Extract.  Select reserve period, enter the password.

7. You’ll now see the license in the “Locally extracted offline licenses” window.


8. To check back the license earlier, select the license from Locally extracted offline licenses window, and right click and select Restitute.