Installing the License Server Administration Tool and Enrolling Licenses

Installing the License Server Administration Tool


This task explains how to unload the DS License Server on a single computer running a supported Windows operating system.


1. Download the DSLS media from the link below, note that you need your Dassault Systèmes Passport Login information to access the download.


2. Go to the directory containing the DS License Server software, locate the SetupDSLSmsi.exe file and double-click it to start the installation.


3. Specify the installation folder and installation type. The Installing DS License Server dialog box appears:


4. Install the DS License Server. The Ready to install DS License Server dialog box appears:


5. Click the Finish button to exit the setup wizard. If this is the first time you are installing the DS License Server (in which case, no previously configured License Administration Tool settings are present), the Server Definitions tab is displayed with the License Server Connection Parameters dialog box in the foreground:


6. The license sever name field contains the name localhost by default, but you can specify another name.

7. Specify the license server by typing its name in the License Server Name field, and set the listening port number for the License Administration Tool.


8. The server name has been specified, but the server is not yet connected.

9. If you point to the icon in the status column, next to the computer name, a message like this will be displayed:

server xxx not connected

Where xxx is the name of the computer on which the server is being installed.​

10.​ Connect to the license server. To do so:

  • Select the Servers - Connect command and select the server name from the list.

  • Or, select the Servers - Connect all command.

  • Or, point to the icon, right click and select the Connect command.

  • Or, double-click on the icon.


Enrolling Licenses


Once your license server has been configured and activated, you can enroll your licenses. Enroll your licenses as follows:


  1. From the menu, select the License -> Enroll.
    The Open dialog box is displayed.

  2. Go to the directory containing your licenses and select the appropriate licenses, then click the Open button.

  3. Click OK to return to the License Administration Tool.


This icon confirms that your server has been activated.