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Create new opportunities in newer markets; newer ideas, new flavors, sustainable packaging.



  • Innovating your next product idea (could come from anywhere)

  • Being production ready for quick-changing trends

  • Producing for faster delivery deadlines (scheduling)

  • Streamlining inefficiencies in packaging


  • Be informed of consumer voice and generate product ideas from inside and outside the company. Use News feeds, social media, and internal discussions in one platform to manage new brands and create trend-setting products

  • Organize your product recipes, artwork, packaging, trade units, consumable units, nutritional information, regulatory compliance, promotional material and production process plans to meet faster delivery times

  • Optimize production runs, batch sizes, inventory, and machine utilization to make maximum returns on all resources and product investments

  • Avoid packaging and branding related recalls. Test package performance by trying out more artwork, designs, and styles to convey the right brand identity to your consumers

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