Media for installation is now distributed via www.software.3ds.com. What the user see will vary depending on what their role is and what they have as available licenses. For PoP however the key is to go to the SIMULIA tab, then SIMULIA Abaqus, Isight, fe-safe, Tosca block.

User should see the latest version as the default entry in Release and Level.


One thing to note is that the first available 2021 PoP release was FD03. Although when it comes to user level versions, we don’t see FD, this is FixPack 2042. However FixPacks are designed to be incremental installs. So first, the user need to go back to the Golden level and install that.

Fortunately things are pretty straightforward for Golden. Just one set of 5 individual files to download. This is basically the same size as 2020 version at approx. 15 GB.

Extract: Make sure to extract all files into same location. All files within the tar files have an initial subdirectory of “AM_SIM_Abaqus_Extend.AllOS”

Suite Installation: The Suite Installer is in the 1 directory. As usual it is advised to run this as administrator to avoid any file permission issues.

Note, default here is FlexNet. However we are using DSLS as licensing utilty since it’s been more and more used especially for new SIMULIA customers.

Interestingly even after pressing Next here there was no version check on the DSLS setup. Previously in 2020 version this would cause a message that the selected DSLS was not at the right level. So you would then pause this suite installer and separately install and update DSLS, then come back here.


User also need to specify the license server name or IP address, here we used localhost as the license server and the client are the same.

Now we progress to the Tosca part of the estblished product installer. 

Note, at this point if you chose to install Tosca Fluid it will prompt for the CFD solver to link to. In 2019 and before this was a hard stop for the installer, it wouldn’t progress without an option being set. Now this can be left blank and the installer will continue.

After installation Abaqus will still do a verification test. This worked. So it no longer appears to be a requirement that DSLS has to be at the same level as the client program.

This confirmed by starting Abaqus CAE 2021. Indeed a QAE license got checked out from the DSLS. And help for DSLS confirms it is at R2020x version. So at least between R2020x DSLS and 2021 Abaqus there is no longer a need to update DSLS.

A start menu group is created Dassault Systemes Simulia Established Products 2021.

Again similar to fe-safe licensing is not setup in the installer. Rather this will be configured when Isight is run and it can’t find licenses.


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