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Industrial Challenges:

Getting Accurate Mesh & Accurate Loads

Innovate, be competitive, and accelerate the go-to-market, are some of the industrial challenges that most industries face today. Being able to leverage the power of simulation tools to overcome some of these issues become rather a necessity. CAE engineers and analysts face usually a huge amount of pressure to deliver accurate results on time, hence the need for state of the art tool to fulfill their tasks. Amongst many challenges that CAE engineers face, we can point to two main ones, getting accurate mesh, and accurate loads:


At the primary design stage, as well as at the product development stage, CAE analysts are faced with the challenge of getting complex parts or geometries prepared for subsequent FEA or CFD analyses. Although most analysts have their own preferred preprocessing tools, the common point that they can agree upon is whether the mesh approximates accurately the geometry without compromising the simulation quality.


From aerospace, to automotive, and from oil and gas to industrial equipment, one of the most challenging tasks for an analyst is to develop load cases for their FEA models that match measured strain values. Typically, it will take weeks to develop the right load cases that match just one or two strain gauges at a single point in time.


During our webinar Getting Accurate Mesh and Accurate Loads, we discussed how to leverage the proper tool to overcome these challenges:

  • You can reduce your preprocessing time significantly by using Meshworks in conjunction with your FEA/CFD software.

  • You can lower your testing cost by knowing accurately your loads by combining your durability solver with True-Load.

  • How these solutions can tackle many of your industrial challenges

And many other topics in the relating discussion!



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