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How to Install a 3DEXPERIENCE
Fix Pack (Client side)

What is a 3DEXPERIENCE Fix Pack?

Fix Packs are maintenance components that need to be periodically installed on customer machines in order to keep their 3DEXPERIENCE platform release up-to-date.  These fix pack contain corrections developed from customer incident reports and quality service requests.

Fix Packs are typically released every 8 weeks and are recommended to be kept up-to-date on machines running the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


Download Install Files

1. Go to:

2. Select Access your Download.

3. Login using your Dassault credentials.


5. Select the appropriate Release and Fix Pack Level from the drop-down menus.

6. Find the NativeApps download files.  Ensure that they are for Windows 64-bit and proceed to download files.

If there are several download icons showing, make sure to download all the files.


Unzip Files


We recommend using 7-Zip to unzip the files.  If you do not have 7-Zip, you can download it by going to their website, click here.


1. Highlight all the downloaded zip files.

2. Right-click and go to 7-Zip->Extract Here.

3. You should end up with a single extracted folder.


Locate setup.exe

1. Within the unzipped folder, you will see several numbered folders.

2. Locate setup.exe file within folder 1 (as shown).


Running the Install

1. Run setup.exe and click Next.

2. Ensure that the installer is correctly pointing to the 3DEXPERIENCE install directory on your machine.

3. Continue to click Next and then Install.

4. When finished, click Close.


Confirmed Fix Pack Installed (1/2)

1. Open 3DEXPERIENCE Native Apps from Desktop.

2. Click Help > About 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

3. Note the Hot fix number.

4. Go to: Dassault Program Directory

5. Login using your Dassault credentials.


Confirmed Fix Pack Installed (2/2)

6. Select the required Product line, Release level, and Fix Pack number from the drop-down menus.

7. Click the Fixed components & Hot Fix numbers option from the menu.

8. Scroll down and find NativeApps.

9. Confirm that the Hot Fix number matches that seen in the platform’s help window.

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