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Engage Customers with High-End Visualization 

Engage your customers and consumers earlier in the sales cycle with high-end visualization and photorealistic rendering to show them how your products and solutions look when they are finished. Use existing 3D or 2D CAD to generate models that can captivate your audience like no one else can.  


CATIA Live Rendering uses ray tracing technology to generate high-end visualizations and videos that you can share with clients and end-users. With this quality of visualization, you can optimize your marketing and advertising spend and build anticipation by giving your future clientele an immersive look into the products you’re bringing for them.  


Generate engaging and polished content to attract and wow your clients as CATIA Live Rendering helps you to: 

  • Use existing CAD so you can reduce prep time for rendering. 

  • Create and balance custom Lighting and multiple camera tracks to see the model from all the best angles. 

  • Use Batch-Rendering and Denoiser to improve rendering performance and rendering time. 

  • Create high-resolution videos showcasing your equipment, products, or solutions so that your consumers and clients can visualize exactly how good your solutions will look.  

  • Create, edit, and modify ambiences, trims, materials, and colors for high-end, real-time visualization and photorealistic rendering. 

  • Design in the context of the end-user with human models in CATIA.  

  • Use the 3DEXPERIENCE platforms VR capabilities to give your clients an immersive experience.  

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