Mechanical Design Fundamentals

Duration: 5 days

This course will teach you how to create simple parts, assemblies and drawings. You will learn how to use different feature-based tools to build, review and modify a model. You will also learn how to create and analyze assemblies and how to produce a drawing with different views. Finally, you will learn how to dimension the drawing and annotate the views. This course also includes Gateway To The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, you will learn how to connect to the platform, manage your projects, search documents and share content along with knowledge or skills with other users.



Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Create a new PLM object

  • Create and constrain 2D sketches

  • Complete a 3D model using features

  • Review and edit the features

  • Create parameters and formulas in the 3D model

  • Create a new product and add components to it

  • Move the components within a product by positioning them using assembly constraints

  • Create simple projection views and section views of 3D parts

  • Position the views on a drawing sheet

  • Add dimensions and annotations to the views

  • Finalize the drawing sheet by adding borders and titleblocks


Audience: Mechanical and Sheet Metal Designers

Prerequisites: Students attending this course should be familiar with Mechanical Design.

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