Aventec is committed to become a hub of knowledge and guidance for Medical Device Innovators and Developers to accelerate new life-altering and life-saving solutions to market. With Dassault Systèmes’ continued success with other highly regulated Aerospace & Defense and Automotive industries, Aventec and Dassault Systèmes are strategically positioned to advise on product development, regulatory compliance, quality management, and reducing the overall cost and time of bringing complex solutions to market.


The Accelerate Medical Devices Webinar Series is created for engineers, scientists, regulatory personnel, quality managers, and physicians who share our vision of improving patient care and patient outcomes.  


Learn what’s in store for startups, established companies, and growth hubs for Medical Device Development such as California, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and the New England area to bring solutions to market.  


  • The Case for Quality in Device Design, Development, and Manufacturing 

  • CFR Part 11 and Part 820 compliance for Electronic Signatures and Design Controls 

  • ASME V&V 40 – Validation and Verification standards for using computational modelling data and results in medical device development. 

  • How Virtual Human Modeling and its role in augmenting in-vivo trials with in-silico trials. 

  • Reducing patient adverse events and product recalls 


The Accelerate Medical Devices Webinar Series convenes on

March 26, 2020 and seeks to welcome you to  the knowledge and insights we curated about advances in technology, processes, industry standards, and best practices.  


Speaker Lineup to be announced. 

Speaker Personas: 

  • Regulatory Compliance Leaders 

  • Quality Specialists 

  • Emerging StartUp & Technology Pioneers 

  • Product Management Specialists 

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